Yang is a new media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Through his computational art practice, Yang relates the systematic and analytical side of computer algorithm to the generative and aesthetic. His work critiques notions that invites closer examinations, or produces poetic images. Yang is also an independent designer and a computer software programmer. He has helped many art institutions create large-scale, high-profile interactive installations. Such as the ArtLens Exhibition for Cleveland Museum of Art, Emissary Trilogy and BOB for artist Ian Cheng exhibited at MOMA PS1 and Serpentine London respectively, Computer vision mobile app for the artist Yung Jake, a large-scale interactive experience Exhibit: Growth for west coast based Umpqua Bank, and many more.

汪洋是⼀位新媒体艺术家,现居纽约。作为一名程序艺术家,汪洋尝试同时在作品中表达出计算机代码语言的系统性和分析性,以及它的生成性和审美性。他的作品批判模糊的概念,或者制造诗意的图像。 洋也是一位专业程序员和设计师。他曾帮助多家知名艺术机构,美术馆和品牌创作⼤尺寸的数字互动艺术装置。例如克利夫兰美术馆 (Celveland Museum of Art)的交互画廊ArtLens展览;美国艺术家郑曦然 (Ian Cheng) 在纽约现代美术馆 (MOMA PS1),和伦敦蛇形画廊 (Serpentine Gallery)的个展,以及与美国嘻哈艺术家Yung Jake合作为AT&T创作的人工智能移动App等等.

Design: Interaction Design / Experience Design / Visual Design

Technology: Unity / C# / C++ / Cinder / Openframeworks / Java / Processing / Javascript / OPENGL / Arduino

  • zzyw studio: The Studio

  • Discourse:An on-going project, hosting salons and events about new media art and culture, and dinner gathering.

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