Yang is a new media artist, a designer, and a programmer. He graduated from ITP – Tisch School of the Arts, New York University in 2014. Yang has worked as a creative technologist for HAVAS Worldwide and Center for Urban Science & Progress respectively. He also worked as an interaction designer for NY based interactive installation design firm Potion. Since 2014, he has helped many teams building large-scale interactive installations like the interactive art gallery in Cleveland Museum of Art, Exhibit: Growth for Portland and Seattle, the smart kitchen for Pirch Soho.

He now splits his time between two things. Half of the time he works as an independent new media artist creates computational new media art installations. The other half of the time he works as a technical artist/developer for artist Ian Cheng, writes code and builds new artworks. He worked on Ian Cheng’s Emissary Trilogy exhibition at MOMA PS1 in 2017, and he is working on an upcoming exhibition for Ian Cheng commissioned by Serpentine London in March 2018.

汪洋是一名新媒体艺术家,交互设计师和程序员。2014年毕业于纽约大学帝势Tisch艺术学院ITP。 汪洋曾作为创意科技师和交互设计师供职于HAVAS国际,纽约城市科学进步中心,纽约的新媒体装置设计工作室Potion。在任职期间,做为设计师和程序员,汪洋设计并且参与开发了诸多大型交互艺术装置。他现在一半的身份是新媒体艺术家IAN CHENG工作室的技术艺术开发者,参与研发IAN新的作品,包括2017年在MOMA PS1的EMISSARY系列和2018将会在伦敦蛇形画廊展出的新作品;另一半的身份是自由新媒体艺术家,以代码和机械为语言媒介制作装置艺术。


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