Broadness & Depth 深和广

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ThingThingThing is a platform, a framework, and community that explores the collaborative and imaginative aspect of computational media. It is initialized and organized by computational media artists Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi.

Prism V.2

Prism V.2 is a non-interactive, generated audio&visual performance. All visuals are scripted all in Unity using C# and music is composed in Logic Pro X

Prism: Installation

Prism is an interactive installation. A C# written software generates shapes and geometries. A camera is setup near the projection space and captures real-time images. The generated geometries serve as mirrors and reflect the reality.

TV Man

TV Man is a walk simulation video game, you play as a pig walking in a office space filled with tv-headed, dancing and dying humans.

The Creativity Machine

An autonomous electronic machine installation. A custom-written AI software runs on the machine, making International-Typography-style graphic designs. The algorithm creates the graphics, picks color schemes, design layouts, decides on typography, and sends the design to a connected inkjet printer


Shell is a piece of generative visual & audio work

Another Internet

Ever wondered what Google and Facebook look like in China? "Just Another Internt" Chrome Extension is for you. When you install it on your computer, Chrome prevents you from accessing all websites that's normally blocked inside The Great Wall, just as how you would experience it if you were in China

The Mind Ocean | 脑海

The Ocean is an interactive installation, comprised of an EEG brainwave sensor and a large-scale generative interactive ocean. The ocean serves as the manifestation of the brain activity.

The Introspection Game

A poetic narrative generated by your own body, The Introspection Game sends you to a journey within, using Oculus Rift, a breath sensor, and a pulse sensor.

The Black Box

The Black Box is a real-time interactive installation, the algorithm detects viewers’ heads and places a virtual black box over them.

Book of Happiness

A notebook, inside which a person’s happy memories are represented and analyzed using Statistical Regression Analysis and Parametric Design.


A installation that employs interactive web animation, 3D modeling & 3D printing technique to explore the visual definition of Balance.