Ocean No Waves

2017 08

Ocean with no breaking waves, generated by code. 一个永远不会有"破浪"的海。

language: Java

Generative Globe

2015 09

A animated globe purely generated in Processing.

Audio Reverse

2013 06

Developed for Urban of Science & Progress, NYU.

为纽约大学的城市科学发展研究院开发。 这是一个会自动录音,并且将声音倒着播放回来的app。

The specific objective of this project is to see whether commercial cell phones can satisfy the requirements to do acoustic experiments as outlined in this Scientific American Article. Check the code on Github.

language: Java

Balcony and Plane

2017 08

There will be a plane flying by, when you start to zone out.

描述:在走神的时候,视频中的天空就会有一架飞机飞过去。 // 使用了muse的脑波检测器来检测走神,Processing写的视频反馈。

language: Java

How is Beiing's Haze?

2015 12

A webgl sketch visulizing what does Beijing's air look like in real-time.

Please visit: http://wangyang.io/HowIsBeijing-sSmog/

Note: Weather API might not be working anymore.


language: WebGL / HTML / CSS

Light Cubes

2012 12

A pair of light cubes that 24h/7d connect to each other, using the brightness as a symbol.Each light receives measurement of the other light’s ambiance brightness via internet connection and replicates it inside its own cubic shade. This project is an attempt to create an honest exchange between two extended human existence. Once in a while, we get into situations where the matter at hand evolves beyond our own comprehension. Lacking words to describe thoughts and feelings, light becomes a non-filtered confession, comfort of trust, and symbol of unconditional support. You can check the prototype testing video here.

两个方形的灯,相互联网,每个灯都带有一个光线传感器,可以感应到周围光线的亮暗,而A灯周围的亮度,则会控制到B灯本身的光线强度。 光线本身是有趣的媒介,会影响到心情和感知世界的方式,如果以某种方式来让我们感知到另外一个人的周遭光环境的话,会不会在某种程度上让这两人之间的理解变得更加容易?

language: Arduino / C / Javascript


2017 02

A web crawler program that grather certain words and puts them together, a poster is made. 一个网络爬虫程序,搜索特定的词汇(比如『脑子』)然后将他们的语境(句子)放在一起,做成一张海报。

language: Java

The Residence

2016 03

“I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.” ― Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

language: C# / Unity


2015 10

Just a visual experiment done in OpenFrameworks (c++) when i was working on Exhibit:Growth

Sukhavati | 净土

2014 05

An art installation that creates a virtual reality world for people to encounter and become spectators of their bodies and minds.

Using virtual reality,3D depth sensing camera and EEG mind sensor technologies, Sukhavati creates a virtual world that allows the viewer to observe her/himself from an alternate angle. The viewer is immersed in a parallel reality that resembles the same physical room the viewer sits in, quietly contemplating his/her own image composed of thousands of pixel particles. When the viewer loses the state of concentration, his/her self-image transforms into numerous particles that flow freely in the room.

“净土”是一个虚拟现实艺术装置。通过脑波检测器和XBOX KINECT, 我们可以捕捉到用户的身体图像(3D)和用户的大脑活动情况。通过虚拟现实装置,你会被传送到一个全白的虚拟世界里。在这个世界里,你会发现自己的全息图像,但你无法靠近,只能在一定距离观察。而你的大脑活动也会通过某种形式影响到你的自我图像。

language: C++

Be Free

2013 06

表演艺术,演出者漆贞贞x汪洋 performer: zhenzhen qi x yang wang


2013 04

Sonnet is a music sharing + playing mobile application. It allows someone who is playing a music on a smartphone to transfer the file and starting playing the same music on another phone in a synchronized fashion by simply bumping it. By playing the music together, sonnets helps music lovers to create an artistic and touching atmosphere everywhere.

Sonnet是一个分享音乐+实时同步播放的 Android 移动程序,当你播放音乐的时候,只要你碰一下对方的手机,对方会自动接收到你的音乐文件,并且同步播放的进度。

Live demo

language: Java

Documentary: What is future?

2012 04