Creator's Planetarium

Creator's Planetarium is an NYC pop-up exhibition that features multiple immersive installations. It is a pop-up laboratory that provides a space for innovative and alternative learning methods through fun and interactive experiences.

Celebrating the New Year in the Palace Museum Digital Exhibition 宫里过大年数字沉浸展

An immersive digital exhibition featuring 9 large scale digital and interactive installation in the Beijing Palace Museum inside the Forbidden City.

Computer Vision + AR Android App: Emojify

An native Android app, utilizes Machine Learning and Computer Vision, takes in a selfie photo and process it and output a Emoji painting. Inspired by artist Yung Jake’s emoji painting. // Computer Vision Engineer

Interactive Game for Learning: Bookends Summer Camp

Employ new interactive technology for theatrical performance art learning. // Lead Creative Technologist

Ian Cheng: BOB, London Serpentine Gallery

Ian Cheng's latest exhibition, populated at the Serpentine with artificial life BOB in a two-part exhibition // as Creative Developer

Ian Cheng: Emissary Trilogy, MOMA PS1

Described by the artist as “a video game that plays itself,” the works are comprised of computer-generated simulations like those used in predictive technologies for complex scenarios such as climate change or elections. Populated by a cast of characters and wildlife that interact, intervene, and recombine in open-ended narratives // as Creative Developer

iOS/Android App: Inbox

An design award winning iOS and Android mobile app for fast messaging // as Designer

ART LENS Exhibition, Cleveland Museum of Art

ArtLens Gallery - the interactive gallery in Cleveland Museum of Art, features 6 interactive installations, each teaches you a piece of knowledge about the basics of an artwork, by employing advanced technology such as gaze-tracking, motion tracking, facial recognition and more. // as Interactive Developer and Designer

Installation: Interactive Kitchen, Manhattan Pirch Store

A smart kitchen from the future // as Motion Designer

Web Design: Potion

New York leading interactive firm Potion's new website // as Designer and Frnt-end Developer

Web Design: Raad Studio

Modern and minimalistic web design for Tribeca award-winning architecture design studio RAAD, the studio which is behind the world's first underground park design "Lowline". // as Designer

Exhibit: Growth, Director Park, Portland

In collaboration with CAA, Umpqua Bank orchestrated a partnership with The Mill+ and Fake Love to create a uniquely emotional experiential installation to tour the Pacific Northwest. // as Developer