Ian Cheng: BOB, London Serpentine Gallery


Artist: Ian Cheng
Role: Visual Programmer / Unity Developer
Deployment Time: March 2018
Development Length: 4 Month

More pictures and descriptions coming soon...

Press Coverage

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  • Before I put more details, here is a paragraph from a nice review published on Vice:

    BOB was “born” at London’s Serpentine Gallery a couple of weeks ago. Rather than pet proper, BOB is the latest creation from Ian Cheng, whose trilogy of self-evolving gaming simulations, Emissaries, will be shown at this gallery later in the spring. Six baby BOBs, pooping, moping, and making little “poc-poc” noises, emerged onto screens like so many exotic creatures in a reptile house. Its name an acronym for Bag Of Beliefs, BOB may appear to us as an animation, but is in fact an evolving artificial life form.
    Developing over a lifetime, each BOB can interact and learn from visitors—if it feels amenable—via a linked handheld device. As I made faces at the smartphone screen connecting me to a BOB, as if entertaining a small child, it grimaced back but soon cut me off—perhaps so it could metabolize all the fascinating data it had harvested, or perhaps, sadly, because it considered me of limited interest. BOB is not an entertaining performer, or much good for self-validation.
    -- VICE Ian Cheng's A.I. Artwork Has Come to Seduce You"