iOS/Android App: Inbox


Client: Inbox, Inc
Role: Lead Product Designer
In Team: Feb 2016 -> May 2017

First released in 2013, Inbox Messenger was one of the most fast-growing messaging apps. It got a lot of attention from the tech world and reported by Tech Crunch and other tech media about its release and stunning beautiful design. Till early 2017, Inbox Messenger has over 1.5 million downloads from around the world.

Being the product designer for Inbox Messenger from Feb 2016 to May 2017. I led the development of some key freatures like Live, Wave, Chatroom and Nearby.

Elements Based Design

As someone who also worked with code for many years, I was inspired by the way programming works - a modulized way of thinking creating. So starting from late 2016, the design team started the exciting experiment of Element-Based design, different from "Screen-Based Design", EBD focuses on designing the visual elements first, just after we complete the low-fi wireframe design.

It's a successfull experiment. EBD helped us to keep a consistent visual language, it reinforces us to reuse existing elements instead of coming up with new designs every time. In a world constantly testing and rolling out new features, the EBD system makes the team move more quickly. In a lot cases, especially smaller projects, using the design system, the developers are able to implement layouts on their own, and meanwhile keep a high standard on the visual design.

EBD also is a more modern way of designing product, it integrates well with modern tools like Sketch's Symbols system and CSS.

The Tool Making

Assets Mover is a tool for moving design assets with different resolutions into the right folder. Back in early 2016 when design-developer tools like Zeplin was not that popular. We used to manually rename assets and move them into different folds like xhpi, xxhpi, etc. It was a very manual process and I couldn't find an existing software to automate it. So I wrote the tool in C++. The tool saved the team a huge amount of time and liberated me a lot more time doing actual design.