Installation: Interactive Kitchen, Manhattan Pirch Store


Client: Innit
Studio: Potion
Role: Motion Graphic Designer
Deployment Time: Oct. 2016

“In the new Pirch showroom in SoHo, featuring an interactive New York-style loft powered by Innit, consumers get a taste of how Innit’s technology can connect food to smart kitchen appliances to solve multiple challenges.”

— Business Wire

Food technology start-up Innit is on a mission to change your relationship with food. Food permeates our lives, but all too often we let food go to waste in our kitchens. Innit’s proprietary food sensing technology will sense the products in your refrigerator, notify you when items are about to expire, and recommend recipes based on the ingredients you have in stock.

Before Innit’s product hits the market, Innit tapped Potion to visualize a “kitchen of the future” at retail giant Pirch’s flagship SoHo store.



  • Collaboration on future product vision with food technology start-up Innit
  • Modules for Interactive Table, Cooktop, Smart Refrigerator, Smart Prep Station, and Family Dashboard
  • 3D food sensing, gesture recognition and touch technology bring vision to life
  • Accelerated timeframe necessitated quick ideation