The Introspection Game


A poetic narrative generated by your own body, The Introspection Game sends you to a journey within, using Oculus Rift, a breath sensor, and a pulse sensor.



  • May 2015, The Introspection Game, Laboratory, Spokane, WA
  • 流程:你被引入空房间,带上虚拟现实头套Oculus Rift,耳机,呼吸监测和心跳检测。随着游戏的进展,游戏里面的现实世界相关物体会越来越少,抽象物体会越来越多,最终会到达一被海水环绕的小岛,而这个小岛的一切,都与你的身体有关。

    Participants are invited into an empty room one at time, wearing a breath sensor waistband, a pulse sensor, and an Oculus 3D head-mount. Once the Virtual Reality experience starts, the participant is temporarily teleported into a virtual space resembling the actual room he/she sits in. Depending on the breathing pattern, the participant gradually descends upon a land surrounded by infinite ocean. As breaths become sunlights and ocean waves, heart beats become both audible and visible, the participants gradually start to direct their attention inwards, becoming aware of less obvious body senses.

    Breath Sensor && Pulse Sensor

    As New Media Artists growing up under the influence of east asian philosophy, Yang and Zhenzhen have been fascinated by body as a medium of self knowledge. By connecting breath and heart beat with a slightly shifted narrative, the Introspection Game is an investigation into a new way of self speculation, which attempts to mediates, augment, and evolve our experience with the world around us.

    language: C# / Unity


    Installation Setup