Light Cubes


A pair of light cubes that 24h/7d connect to each other, using the brightness as a symbol.Each light receives measurement of the other light’s ambiance brightness via internet connection and replicates it inside its own cubic shade. This project is an attempt to create an honest exchange between two extended human existence. Once in a while, we get into situations where the matter at hand evolves beyond our own comprehension. Lacking words to describe thoughts and feelings, light becomes a non-filtered confession, comfort of trust, and symbol of unconditional support. You can check the prototype testing video here.

两个方形的灯,相互联网,每个灯都带有一个光线传感器,可以感应到周围光线的亮暗,而A灯周围的亮度,则会控制到B灯本身的光线强度。 光线本身是有趣的媒介,会影响到心情和感知世界的方式,如果以某种方式来让我们感知到另外一个人的周遭光环境的话,会不会在某种程度上让这两人之间的理解变得更加容易?

language: Arduino / C / Javascript