The Black Box


Black Box is an interactive installation. The installation consists of four parts, an infrared sensor, a web camera, a display and a piece of software running on a computer. The installation displays real-time images it captured, and displays a modified version of it. The algorithm detects humans in the image, and place a black box on each person's head, wrapping the head inside.

Black Box intends to exhibit the cognitive constraints of modern human intelligence, by creating an alternative view of our instant reality. The latest computer technology allows man-made machines to have some level of intelligence and therefore we can finally become an observer of our own situation.


  • Sep. 2017, Selfie, CultureHub, New York, NY
  • Aug. 2017, Untitled, 433 Gallery, Guangzhou, China
  • July 2015, YANG WANG X ZHENZHEN QI Duo Exhibition, FL:EX Gallery, Shanghai, China
  • Programming language: Java