Celebrating the New Year in the Palace Museum Digital Exhibition 宫里过大年数字沉浸展




OUTPUT, Shanghai


Summer Xue, Yiwen Han

Technology Studio

ZZYW studio, New York

Technology Director

Yang Wang

Creative Technologist

  • Fanyun Peng
  • Melody Hu
  • Zhenzhen Qi

Design Studio

DWorks, Shanghai

Design Director


1. 冰嬉乐园

The Original Painting from Qing Dynasty

The designers traced the characters out from the background, and then we used a complex computer algorithm to animate them and to have them skating around following a very random but organic pattern.

2.花开岁朝 Hua Kai Sui Chao

Everything on the painting becomes interactable, you can the flowers, butterflies and fruits on the plate. The physics engine works behind them all.

3. 堆瑞兽

4. 纳福迎祥

5. Overall Layout

5. Video