Prism: Installation


PRISM is an interactive, projection-based art installation. Created by media artist duo Zhenzhen Qi & Yang Wang (zzyw).

PRISM is consists of a wireless webcam and a computer program. The webcam captures real-time images, then sends the images to the computer program via a wireless network. The computer program generates abstract shapes, using primitive geometries to form a matrix of cubes and lines, then map all the real-time image received from the webcam to the geometries. There are 4 stages of PRISM, each stage shows a slightly different formation and geometries.

PRISM is an attempt to incorporate real-world, realism image into computer-generated content. Computer generated image usually shows an abstract and minimalist aesthetic, while we created PRISM to experiment the possibility of blending the abstract and the real together.


装置由一个无线摄像头和一个由 Unity 和 c# 编译的计算机程序组成。网络摄像头捕捉实时图像,然后通过无线网络将图像发送到计算机程序。计算机程序生成抽象的图像。使用原始的几何形状形成一个巨大的矩阵,然后将从摄像头接收到的实时图像映射到矩阵的几何体上。PRISM有4个阶段,每个阶段的形式和阵列都有所不同。



  • Apr. 2018, Futuristic, Lytehouse, Brooklyn
  • Oct. 2017, 瞳色未来, Riverside Art Museum 山水美术馆, Beijing
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