The Creativity Machine


“The Creativity Machine” is an autonomous electronic machine installation with a designer’s brain. A custom-written AI software runs on the machine, making International-Typography-style graphic designs. The algorithm creates the graphics, picks color schemes, design layouts, decides on typography, and sends the design to a connected inkjet printer. The software then automatically commands the printer to print out the design it just received. The entire system runs independently and continuously.

The Creativity Machine is the iteraction of LENNA - designed and developed by Yang Wang x Zhenzhen Qi

『The Creativity Machine』是一个自我发生的混合媒体电子装置。机器将会通过抓取数据和系统随机的方式,进行排版设计,图形设计,最终生成海报,自动发送给专业图像打印机。整个过程自发地,不间断地进行。


  • Mar. 2018, New Texture: The 4th International Exhibition on New Media Art, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum, South Korea
  • Video


    language: Java