Creator's Planetarium



Creators LLC



Technical Director & Art Director

Yang Wang


Xiao Quan


  • Fanyun Peng
  • Shuang Cao
  • Mark Ma
  • Zhenzhen Qi

Digital Designer

  • Jiajun Liu

UIUX Designer

  • Kylin (Shangbo) Chen

Creator’s Planetarium is an NYC pop-up exhibition that features multiple immersive installations. It is a pop-up laboratory that provides a space for innovative and alternative learning methods through fun and interactive experiences.

ZZYW STUDIO created two pieces for the exhibition, one lets the visitors create, observe and interact with the algorithmically generated blackholes and witness the magical “binary black hole” phenomenon, including the revolving movement of the two black holes, the merging process and the “ring down” effect. Another one guides the visitors into the vast and colorful universe, by designing a unique Lightsail of yours using the Lightsail Creator web App, visitors can navigate through space and learn the interesting knowledge about all the different and beautiful planets.

We utilized the latest technology, and the industrial-grade sensors to create a seamless and fun interactive learning experience for everyone who walks into the gallery.

In exhibition between June 1st to July 10th, 2019
Location: 559 23rd St. New York, NY
Opens 7 days a week.
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