Sukhavati | 净土


An art installation that creates a virtual reality world for people to encounter and become spectators of their bodies and minds.

Using virtual reality,3D depth sensing camera and EEG mind sensor technologies, Sukhavati creates a virtual world that allows the viewer to observe her/himself from an alternate angle. The viewer is immersed in a parallel reality that resembles the same physical room the viewer sits in, quietly contemplating his/her own image composed of thousands of pixel particles. When the viewer loses the state of concentration, his/her self-image transforms into numerous particles that flow freely in the room.

“净土”是一个虚拟现实艺术装置。通过脑波检测器和XBOX KINECT, 我们可以捕捉到用户的身体图像(3D)和用户的大脑活动情况。通过虚拟现实装置,你会被传送到一个全白的虚拟世界里。在这个世界里,你会发现自己的全息图像,但你无法靠近,只能在一定距离观察。而你的大脑活动也会通过某种形式影响到你的自我图像。

language: C++